Thank you Lafayette community for contributing to and interacting with Ecomedia Colorado!

Interactive art installation, Lafayette, Colorado, September 23, 2023

Getting started

Do you have any existing water sample data, imagery, artwork, stories, or other media associated with water in Colorado? Are you interested in gathering new data or media for this project? Please add your contributions to be adapted for a public art event. You can contribute with CitSci or directly through a form.

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Images from our Lafayette workshop on July 15, 2023. You can still participate! Thank you Lafayette Public Art Committee for the support.


This project engages residents and visitors of Colorado to discuss and express local environmental issues and create spaces where meaning-making and creative representation of scientific data becomes possible. The locations included so far are Las Animas County, Grand Lake County, and Boulder County, with installations in Trinidad (2022) and Lafayette (2023).


We are calling out to artists, activists, citizen scientists, ranchers, youth, senior citizens, residents, and visitors to contribute ecological media (ecomedia) focusing on water scarcity and quality for public video projection installations. We are facilitating co-creation workshops with residents and community stakeholders to explore your contributions and produce a collage of visuals for the interactive video projections.


Ecomedia encompasses a wide diversity of media; visual art, quantitative and qualitative data, water samples, log notes, photography and videography of the lakes and their contributing watersheds, documentation of restoration efforts, poetry, traditional stories, and more. You can contribute to this project by adding an "observation," preferably by signing up and contributing to the CitSci project with text and images related to a particular geographical location. You can also submit media and a description directly via this website.

Workshops and installation in Trinidad, Colorado, 2022


Kimberley Bianca

Project lead, designer & facilitator

Kimberley Bianca is an Australian media artist and community events organizer based in the United States. Bianca is a PhD candidate in Critical Media Practices at CU Boulder where she is doing practice-based research on web-assisted platforms for DIY citizenship. She is interested in shared approaches of participatory art and citizen science. For 10 years, Bianca has been making video projections with grassroots initiatives. She has extensive international experience in facilitating participatory projects and workshops.

Pierre D. Glynn

Project mentor in citizen science

Pierre Glynn has owned a home in Grand Lake, Colorado since 2006. He recently retired from the USGS after a 32-year career first conducting and then leading hydrological research at the USGS, most recently as Branch Chief for the Water Cycle and Hydro-Ecological Branches of the Water Mission Area. Pierre remains actively engaged in research as Affiliated Scholar with Arizona State University’s Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes in Washington D.C., and as Scientist Emeritus with the USGS Science and Decisions Center.

We proudly use CitSci to host our citizen science project. A global citizen science support platform., Fort Collins, Colorado. Available at: